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Mantralaya Paadayatra Sangha was founded mainly to perform and achieve in the line of spiritual upliftment and attainment through Sri Raghvendra Swamiji's Seva. As narrated by Vaidya Shri. Baburao Kulkarni ( Founder President of Mantralaya Paadayatra Sangha, Lakshmeshwar Br : Dharwad )

Shri Baburao Kulkarni

My eyes were filled with tears standing infront of the holy Brindavana of Great Guru Shri Rahavendra. I was not myself. An inner voice seemed to convey that if at all, I am to visit Mantralaya again, let it be on foot - by Paadayatra. Coming back to reality, a wave of shivering passed through my nerves, realising the words of promise to the Great Saint of Mantralaya. Though apprehensive of fulfilling the oath; I surrendered myself to the Shri Raghavendra Swamiji. My clouds of fear vanished and thus the saga of great journey began.


The above incident took place sometime in 1953. All the while, the friends and relatives of mine, of who happened to visit Shri Khetra Mantralaya for Darshana and Seva used to narrate the many things about His blessings, which would fill my heart with emotions as I used to feel emotionally disturbed and used to cry all alone in silence When would my turn come. Time and again, I used to feel that What is the worth of my life if I am not under taking a Paadayatra to Mantralaya and seek his blessings. What was the use of mine "Ashtottara Seva" if thay all go in vain? So I used to count my days in and out with the hope of taking a Yatra to Mantralaya. Thus my days were passing just reminding me my promise before the Brindavana of Shri Raghavendra Swamiji at Mantralayam.        +Read More