Mantralaya Paadayatra Sangha was founded mainly to perform and achieve in the line of spiritual upliftment and attainment through Sri Raghvendra Swamiji's Seva. We in the Sangha by the grace of Hari, Vayu and Guru perform various religious activities every year. Following are some of them.


  • Paadayatra to Mantralayam in Ashwina maasa. (Between Dasara and Deepavali)

  • Celeberating Aradhana of Daasa Varenya Sri GopalDaas at Lakshmeshwar.

  • Performaing Ashtottara Shata Ashtottara i.e. 108 people together reciting of Sri Raghvendra Guru Stotra for 108 times during the Pattabhisheka ceremony of SriRaghavendra on Falguna Shuddha Dwitiya( Feb-Mar) at Dharwad.

  • To commomorate this event we conduct 3 to 5 days of Jnana Satra i.e. preaching of "Jnana, Bhakti, Vairagya" by noted scholars and pundits and bhajans by Hari Bhaktas and noted vocalists.

  • Honoring local meritorious students and eminent personalities for extraordinary achievements and services.

  • Sponsoring poor and meritorious student at Prahlad Vidyarthi Nilaya, Dharwad.

  • Publications of Religious Books with rare works.

  • Sponsoring Upanayanam of boys from poor families on the occasion of Pattabhisheka Mahotsava.

  • Performing Ashtottatra Shata Ashtottara at Kittur Rayar Math during Aradhana of Sri Raghavendra Swamiji.

  • Performing Ashtottatra every Sunday since last 10years in paadayarikas house at Dharwad .

  • Conducting paadayatra to Sonda from Dharwad and Hubli.

  • Conducting "ASTHAMA YAGNA" at Lakshmeshwar on Mrigashira Nakshatra entering time during June every year. In this occasion mantroushadhi prepared by Vaidya Guru Shri Baburao Kulkarni is distributed freely to Ashthama cold and cough patients, since 35 years. About four to six thousand people from all walks of life, all parts of India and also from neighbouring countries participate to get the benefit.

    On this occasion food, tea and shelter will be sponsored and provided to needy and poor people of all casts and communities. Special bus services and mini bus services are arranged by the State Transport Corporation and Private operators to help people to commute to & fro. Town Municipality , local leaders and well wishers along with members of Sangha team together to run the function smoothly.

  • Sangha continues to strive to impart such socio religious activities from time to time